Easy Pokemon Go Treat: Squirtle Lollipop Recipe

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The month of November is fast approaching. The time for children to do trick or treats. Pokemon Go is on trend nowadays. You can make a simple Squirtle themed candies for give a ways.

So Here’s a simple tutorial for you. Without further ado, let’s start it.


First of, you’ll be needing any kind of colored candies or chocolate, that compliments the color of your characters.


Transfer it into a plastic bag and make it look like an icing.


Print a picture of your choice as a layout that you can follow. Tape the sides of the baking paper to secure it above the printout picture.


Start lining and coloring the baking paper using the icing you’ve made from chocolates or candies.

p6 p7

After completing it and if you’re already satisfied with it you can put a stick as a handle.


Wait for it to harden and be compact with each other.

You can now remove it from the baking paper. p9

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Halloween.

Full tutorial video here.


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