Fruit Basket with Banana Hanger Makes Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

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Banana HangerFruit baskets are some of the most practical gift ideas around today. Many people, including celebrities use them to effectively convey a message or even pull a prank.

The fruit basket gift idea is an evergreen idea that even captured the minds of celebrities Tina Fey And Amy Poehler who were caught in a prank masterminded by George Clooney. Clooney’s prank, which was in rebuttal to the ladies making fun of him at the Golden Globe Awards, resulted in Matt Damon (an innocent party) being sent two huge fruit baskets, cheeky gifts from the ladies who were not sure if a letter they had received was truly from Damon or as they suspected, from Clooney. Clooney had sent them fake letters from Damon whining about them making fun of him at the awards.

Even in a get-back-at-you prank, a fruit basket loaded with colorfully arranged natural treats is a great gift. The fruit basket with banana hanger from NaturalsOnly is especially nice, and for several reasons. The basket is sturdily built from chrome metal wire, but the big plus is its size and elegance. The large 11.5-diameter fruit bowl allows for ample storage space. You can even use the fruit basket as a centerpiece, as there’s enough room to attractively arrange your fruits, turning it into a work of art, an eye-catching show piece.

The unique hook, which is a continuous piece of the construction metal, further enhances the functional design of the fruit holder with banana hanger. This eliminates concerns about the holder weakening, and giving way under the pressure of the grapes or bananas that will be hung on it. That is a common problem when fruit hangers are made from a separate piece of the metal and welded on.

Another plus factor for the unique storage unit is that it is designed with ball shaped feet that protect your dining tables and countertops from getting scratched. It does not require a huge storage space, and is itself an added storage unit. One of the customers’ showed her appreciation for this attribute, “Love it! Sturdy but still flexible, it held *two* bunches of bananas at once. A whole 3lb bag of apples fits in the bowl easily. It looks very nice – elegant, even, and the footprint of space it takes up on the counter is surprisingly small. Great space saver :)”

It is easy to clean, wash and care. Customers presently enjoy several benefits when they purchase the item. Purchase two or more fruit baskets with banana hanger and get free shipping courtesy of This special offer allows customers to purchase the piece as a gift, and not have to worry about paying for the shipment of each item. Another treat that comes along with your purchase are free yoga workout videos.


Not sure who to send such a great gift? It is a perfect piece for newlyweds or new homeowners. Do you have a sizeable list of people to purchase gifts for this Christmas but have a limited budget? Purchase a few of the fruit baskets and save on shipping.

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