Get a Sparkling Clean Grill for Your Next Cookout with Do-Be Brass Grill Brush

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brass grill brushSo, you have been doing some grilling even after the summer rush – that is completely normal.  Of course, one can never get enough of the flavor of grilled ribs, chicken breasts, steak, sausages, and all that good stuff.  You might even be planning to pull out your grill for your next cookout, perhaps for Thanksgiving which is just around the corner.

When it comes to the point of cleaning your grill you might become totally out of it.  Most times, after enjoying a wonderful grilled meal we tend to be so full and not in the mood to clean the grill.  Although this is common for a lot of us, most people still practice cleaning their grill after using it rather than before using it.  The benefits for both methods vary but it is really up to you as the griller to know when you prefer to do the job, because let’s face it, it has to be done.

Whenever you choose to clean your grill, be it before putting it away, before preparing a meal, or both, you will need to consider a few things before you get started.

So, of course, you need to get all the equipment and tools required to get the job done.  This is where you choose the grill brush that is best for you.  Now, we are going to use the Do-Be premium Brass Grill Brush since it is perfect for delicate grills and has an extra-long handle that protects the whole arm from getting burned by the grill.  And, the sturdiness of this grill brush makes cleaning much easier and more efficient.  For persons who have expensive grills like a Weber, or Big Green Egg, you want to make sure you are taking proper care of your grill.

Now, after you have been equipped with your most suitable, reliable and efficient grill cleaning brush, like the Do-BE Brass Grill Brush, you will also need your bowl of water (and soap, not necessary) on hand.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of things.

  1.  Clean grill while hot for better results

When the grill is hot, the food particles and grease left behind after grilling are still fresh and easy to remove.  Of course when the grease and everything cools down it gets stuck onto the grill and is much harder to remove.  You want to ensure that the grill is warm to get off the entire gunk before it is stuck on there.

Additionally, when you use the grill brush when the grate is still hot, you extend the life of your cleaning brush.  Since the grill would be easier to clean with the heat, you do not need to forcefully scrub or use much pressure while cleaning your grill.  By doing this your brass bristles will stay in a good condition for a long time.  The sturdy bristles of the Do-Be brush do not smash easily and detach from the brush.  This means, unlike many other brass bristle grill cleaning brushes, they will provide you with a much longer lifespan.

  1. Scrub the grill in the direction of  the grate

If you are cleaning your grill after using it when it is still warm you can proceed to dip the brush in water and start scrubbing.  If you are cleaning the grill before you use it for preparing your food, you might want to strike up the fire to warm it up a little bit.

When the grill is warm, and you have dipped in water, hold your Do-Be brush horizontally and push back on forth on the grill.  Again, since the grill is warm, you would not need to apply too much pressure.  In fact, you should be seeing most of the mess being removed from just doing this.

  1. Reach into the corners and side of the grill for thorough cleaning

Although sometimes we only use a small area of the grill’s surface, we should not ignore the sides and corners of the grill while cleaning.  For cleaning the side of the grill, you may have to turn the brush vertically to reach into the crevices of the grill.  Fortunately, the t-shape of the Do-Be grill brush allows you reach these areas easier since it covers various angles of the surface of the grill at the same time.  The long handles of the brass grill brush also allows you to easily reach over to the back of the grill without the risk of getting burned.  Ensure that you clean the inside of the grill once in a while as well.  The Do-Be brass grill brush can be used to clean the inside of the grill as well as the grate.

After a thorough cleaning of your barbecue grill, you should make sure that the grill brush is thoroughly cleaned as well.  Immediately after cleaning the grill, use warm soapy water to clean the bristle of the brush.  Remember you want to ensure that the very tool you use for cleaning is clean as well.  If the grill brush is not cleaned immediately after use it will collect all the scum and grease which you know is unhealthy…plus it would just destroy the brush after a while.

Grill cleaning won’t be a vigorous task once you use the efficient Do-Be brass grill brush.  It actually cuts cleaning time in half, which is awesome!  Whether you clean before or after using your grill, or both before and after, this grill brush can definitely make a world of a difference.

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