Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Featured in Recipe Posted on Popular Blog

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Chicken Fast, a popular food blog recently posted a recipe that had, among its ingredients, Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. The post, titled “Get the taste of the Caribbean at home with Grace Jerk Seasoning”, was made on October 7 and featured a Bolognese recipe.

1 – 2 tablespoons of Grace Jamaican Jerk Seasoning was listed for use in the recipe, which can be made with either beef or pork that is minced. The jerk seasoning was used for the sauce portion of the dish and also as a wet marinade, with the total preparation time being 5 -10 minutes.

Described as a Caribbean marinade rub for meats such as chicken, pork, fish and beef, as well as for vegetables and tofu, the Jerk seasoning has grown in popularity since being launched on Not only has it been featured on several food blogs and online publications, it has consistently received strong reviews from users.

“This is the real stuff. Grace is the brand from Jamaica and sold in most stores there. Having visited the island many times, Grace brands have been the go-to products. I usually select the mild Jerk sauce and have always been pleased with the product,” said Dan S. Bilancio in a verified Amazon review.

A number of other shoppers have expressed similar sentiments about the product, which comes in an 11-ounce jar. Shoppers in the United States have also commented on being able to get an authentic Jamaican jerk taste from using the product in popular dishes, despite not being in the Caribbean.

With the Grace Jerk Seasoning being available in mild and hot, users can choose either for the dish featured on the Chicken Fast blog, depending on the level of spiciness required. features a variety of quick and easy recipes from all over the world, as well as tips and tools for home cooks and chefs.

The Grace Jamaican Jerk Sauce is currently available to shoppers on Amazon.comand also comes with free authentic jerk recipes with each purchase.

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