How A Microwave Cover Changed My Life…

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Ok, so the title may sound a little dramatic…but it’s true!

First of all I have 3 teenage sons, so that is enough right there, just imagine three teenage sons and a husband, my kitchen can be a disaster – like a wild herd of hyenas just came through.

Let’s not mention the fridge or the dishes, lets focus on the microwave for a minute.

My head is hurting just visualizing what my microwave use to look like.


Quick question, if you are a mom can you answer this?

Do we have superhero eyes that your family members don’t have? I mean, when I open the microwave I see food on the top of the microwave and on both sides…but for some reason my sons or my husband don’t seem to notice – how convenient for them! LOL

I mean, seriously, I open the microwave and I cringe in disgust. I see spaghetti sauce, some brown sauce, some yellow splatter of something and then there is the smell that comes with it – but, once again, nobody but me seems to notice ! Interesting….

So, I told my boys and my husband, please use a paper towel and cover your food so it doesn’t splatter. Surprisingly, they agreed and I can honestly say they tried very hard. But, I was out of paper towels so fast it wasn’t even funny – that microwave is like a vortex from a sci-fi movie sucking my money and my patience.

I was randomly on (I buy everything from there) and did a search for Microwave Covers and found one on there with great reviews – it was a little pricey, but people loved it. It was also BPA free which was a benefit. So, I got it.

Soon as it arrived, I put it to work —- Hallelujah!!!  It was a dream come true….notice how the microwave is CLEAN (check out picture) – but it would have been a disaster. All that needs to be done is clean the cover.


1 – The size was perfect, sat on the plate, didn’t touch the food, not too tall to touch the top of the microwave

2 – Nice vent to let out the steam while warming up the food

3 – The vent was awesome also because when I took food out of the microwave and needed to keep it warm, I used the microwave cover, closed the vent and food stayed warm.

4 – The cover is great to just cover stuff (see picture below)

20150110_110818Overall I am VERY happy with my cover, I actually bought two more. This is because I use it for more than just the microwave, so they come in handy.

So, if you want your sanity, I recommend one or two or three of these.

Here is the link to the one I got on Amazon —>

They have a discount if you buy more than one at a time, you have to scroll down under the listing and you will see the discount codes. Make sure to use those when checking out (not sure how long how long they will be posted). Go to Amazon now and get it, you will thank me, I guarantee 🙂



Full house of 3 teenage sons, a husband, 2 cats and a dog 🙂

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  1. Its so true – men never see a dirty microwave!

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