How Silicone Ice Pop Molds Differ from Traditional Ones?

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Silicone Ice Pop MoldsPopsicles are a cheap, yet undeniably delicious way to cool down, especially if you make your own.  You can find lots of easy and simple recipes online and then freeze them using virtually any container if you don’t own any traditional ice pop molds.  You can make-do for a while with using small plastic containers, but if you’re a popsicle fiend like most foodies, you’re going to want to look into buying some molds so that you can have an ice pop on-hand anytime you need a cool pick-me-up!

Rethink the Popsicle

Once you start getting into the idea of making your own frozen treats, you begin to discover a ton of utility? that can come from having your own ice pop molds to experiment with.  You can create very healthy snacks that deliver a kick of important vitamins and minerals by using all natural fruits and vegetables that no kid will turn down after their first lick.

Finding a good Ice Pop Mold

Your first search for a popsicle mold on the web will probably turn-up a ton of different shapes and sizes, but they all generally work exactly the same, so don’t be distracted by any ‘bonuses’ or features on the pricey models.  The most important factor in your decision should be what the mold is made out of.  You’re going to find the traditional plastic molds, stainless steel molds, and silicone ice pop molds.

Plastic molds are going to be the cheapest and most common pop molds.  The downside is the wide range of quality or molds that potentially could contain harmful chemicals.  Silicone molds are the popular alternative because silicone is a non-toxic material that won’t seep into liquids like plastic.

Silicone ice pop mold advantages

The best part is that silicone ice pop molds by SUPERCOOL POPS are naturally stick-free and you won’t have any trouble getting the ice pop to release, unlike plastic or stainless steel molds.  Most of the time you need to run hot water on the molds to get the popsicle to free itself from the surface and that can be a disappointing affair when you melt some of the pop in the process, creating a big mess.

Here’s another secret about silicone ice popsicle molds: if you plan on making popsicles with thick consistencies like bananas, protein pops, or fudge pops, you’ll enjoy little to no clean-up after you finish your tray and open your options up for desserts that are healthy and not a hassle to produce.

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