Ice Pop Molds: Healthy Ice Pop Recipes

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Ice Pop MoldsThere are few things your kids look forward to more during the summer months than popsicles. Popsicles are a tasty frozen treat that kids and adults of all ages adore. The only downside to popsicles is the large amount of sugar and chemicals they contain. If you are looking to give your kids a healthy and all-natural frozen treat they crave, you need to have ice pop molds. BPA free Ice pop molds allow you to make safe frozen treats on your own with just a few ingredients. You can save money by not having to buy popsicles at the grocery store any more, while giving your kids a healthier frozen treat that still tastes good.

Ice Pop Molds BPA Free

SUPERCOOL POPS are a brand of SUPERCOOL POPS ice pop molds BPA free that are FDA approved. This means you can make great tasting frozen ice pops on your own in a way that is safe for you and your family. You should always use ice pop molds that are FDA approved and never trust brands that are not BPA free. Once you have the right set of ice pop molds, you can begin experimenting with healthy all-natural ice pop recipes that your children will love.

The best part about these healthy ice pop recipes is that your children won’t even know the difference. They will taste just as good as store bought popsicles, but will be a cheaper healthy alternative. Just choose healthy recipes that you are confident your kids will love. Try making ice pops using their favorite fruits.

Banana Split Pops

This unique ice pop recipe includes a variety of fruit flavors. You will need strawberries, apple juice, raw honey, one banana, whole milk and pineapple chunks. Mix each one of the fruits separately in a blender with apple juice or milk and the raw honey. Just layer the mixtures in your ice pop molds and put them in the freezer. Once they have frozen your kids can enjoy a naturally sweet frozen treat that tastes amazing, but is also a healthy alternative to popsicles.

Watermelon Ice Pops

If your kids are fond of watermelon you can make them a frozen treat that appeals to their taste buds. All you need to make these ice pops is watermelon puree, fresh blueberries, sliced kiwi and a diced peach. Fill each ice pop mold with the watermelon puree, but make sure to add your fruit as you are filing the mold. The result will be an all-natural frozen fruit treat that your kids will love. Your kids will get a frozen treat that helps to cool them down on hot summer days, but you can have peace of mind knowing that they are not full of sugars or chemicals.

With the help of ice pop molds you can make great and healthy frozen treats for your kids quickly without having to run to the grocery store. All you need is some fresh fruit.

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