Kitchen Hygiene

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Learn the basic tips for hygienic cooking practices.

While healthy eating is great and should be practiced you may still get sick if you do not practice hygienic cooking practices. A lot of bacteria can be found in pre-processed foods some may be beneficial but majority aren’t good for your health. Having an untidy kitchen can also attract insects and rodents which can get you sick. Here are some hygienic cooking practices.

  • Wash hands before you start cooking– It is always good to wash your hands with liquid soap before you start to handle any food or utensils.

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Clean kitchen surfaces– Wipe all kitchen surfaces with bleach before laying out food items.

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Remove jewelry especially rings– A lot of germs can be found on your jewelry and will be placed in your food, especially rings since you might end up mixing or kneading.

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Wash all dishes and utensils after use- Wash all your dishes and utensils after use with soap and water as leaving dirty dishes will attract rodents
  • Wash vegetables before cooking – Vegetables and seasons such as parsley should be washed before use
  • Different chopping board for meats and everything else- Raw meat carries a lot of bacteria it is therefore best to use one cutting board for raw meat alone another for everything else you chop.
  • Do not use the same utensils to prepare food– When preparing a meals never use the same utensils to prepare different meals unless it is washed before. A lot of people have the habit of using the same spoon to check different pots, this should not be done.
  • Do not lick hands while or after cooking– When tasting meals do not use the same utensils you are using to prepare the meal and do not lick your fingers or hand
  • Tie your hair back- Leaving your down will cause hair to be blown or fall out into the food you are preparing so always tie you hair back or cover it

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Check expired date– Check the date of foods you are preparing to make sure it is not expired. Even if it has expired a day or two before do not take the risk and use such items.
  • Wear an apron– Wear an apron to cover your clothing so that it is not soiled and remember to wash your aprons after use. Do not use it, put it down then re-use it without washing.

Kitchen Hygiene

  • Use napkins and towels- If you can afford it, use paper towels has they are disposable. Wipe your hands in the towel not on your apron or clothing.
  • Clean bins- Make sure your bins are not over flowing and that they are clean. Even if your bin isn’t full as yet based on what you have in your garbage you should empty it regularly. Never keep a day’s garbage over into the night.

These practices and others should be followed so as to avoid you and your family getting sick because of germs and bacteria. Your kitchen should always be clean and if possible spotless. And food should always be prepared hygienically.

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