Must Haves for a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Fruit Infuser Water BottleHaving an infusion water bottle with you at all times is a great way to lose weight and get many of your needed vitamins and trace minerals. This type of bottle has an inner compartment in which you can add fruit slices, tea bags, or anything else you want to steep in your water. This adds flavor to your water along with many healthy additives that you need throughout the day. When you have infused water with you, you can stay hydrated and healthy.

Before you purchase an infused water bottle you need to know what to look for since they’re not all made the same and not all of them are high-quality and worth the price. You also want to ensure you buy one that is safe and convenient. Consider these factors when you’re ready to purchase. A fruit infuser water bottle from One Savvy Life surpasses all these.

1. Be sure it’s leak proof.

Always make sure you buy any type of water bottle that guarantees being leak proof. It should have a good, tight seal around the lid. This is important not just for drinking but very often you may want to shake up your bottle to help your tea or fruit or other elements steep in your water. If you buy a cheaper bottle that isn’t leak proof you may find that you just make a mess every day!

2. Look for one that is BPA free.

BPA stands for a type of chemical that is found in many cheap plastics that is very harmful to your health. When you buy a plastic bottle with this chemical you may ingest it especially if you leave your bottle in the sun, as sunlight often causes the chemical to be released into the contents of your drink. Since many people take their water bottles with them when jogging or hiking out in the sun, you always want to avoid one with BPA.

3. Make sure it’s dishwasher safe.

Not all plastics are dishwasher safe and if you buy a cheap infusion water bottle that isn’t, you may find that it literally melts in the heat of your dishwasher. This ruins it and may also ruin your load of dishes. Don’t assume that you can put your bottle in the dishwasher but look for one that specifically says it is dishwasher safe, otherwise you’ll need to wash it by hand every single night!

4. Be sure it’s recyclable.

While a good infusion water bottle should last for years, you do want to ensure you buy one that is recyclable so that you can keep it out of landfills if you should decide to toss it. This protects the environment as plastics typically take years if not centuries to break down and they release harmful toxins when they do.

Remember these important tips for when you want to purchase a fruit infuser water bottle by One Savvy Life for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

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