Silicone Cooking Gloves: Sili Oven Mitts in the Spotlight

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Courtesy of: Silicone Oven Mitts

Learn more about Sili Oven Mitts – the best Silicone Cooking Gloves.

Once in a while, a kitchen cooking accessory comes along, catches your attention and holds you in thrall. You may or may not need this item yet, but the idea of owning such a fine kitchen gear is too attractive to pass up. Even when you don’t need a pair of silicone cooking gloves right now, you won’t regret having these oven mitts protecting your hands and forearms from all kinds of kitchen burns.

One of these fine pairs of protective kitchen gloves is known by the whimsical brand name Sili Mitts, which is made of FDA-approved silicone that’s safe to use in handling fresh food ingredients. They’re also highly resistant to extreme heat and moisture. The mitts fit over the wearer’s hands and protect the skin from sizzling grease, burning hot steam, and accidental spills while cooking. Unlike half-sized gloves and pot holders, these fully extended mitts are more practical to wear when grilling or roasting meat outdoors because they cover your forearms up to that spot below the elbows.

Sili Oven Mitts in the Spotlight

Made of a soft rubbery material, these silicone oven mitts from Life Quintessentials let your thumb move in support of your four other fingers. The thumb provides balance and strengthens your grip when you carry the baking pan from the oven to the countertop to cool down. The ridged pattern on the outer layer adds friction to your grip and prevents sliding and shifting when holding onto a frying pan or a pot of boiling soup.

Unlike other silicone cooking gloves, Sili Mitts is lined with soft fabric for greater comfort. It’s also the reason why it fits comfortably over the hands and arms of both men and women although female limbs are smaller and shorter than the opposite sex. Because the lining is sewn separately, it can be turned inside out for easy washing and drying. You can also run the mitts through the dishwasher for convenience or wash them by hand and let them dry under the sun.

Sili Oven Mitts in the Spotlight

Contrary to common misconceptions about silicone rubber, these oven mitts have been tested and certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as allergen-free for children and adults. The material is also flexible enough to handle sudden twisting and stretching movements.

When they become old and brittle, you don’t have to throw them away. These silicone oven mitts can be recycled into heavy-duty work gloves worn while gardening, trimming the trees, washing the windows, or cleaning the bathroom.

Sili Oven Mitts in the Spotlight

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