Three Psychology-Inspired Reasons Why Oven Mitts Promote Kitchen Safety

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Courtesy of: Silicone Oven Mitts

Learn the Psychological reasons as to why Silicone Oven Mitts promote kitchen safety.

Imagine this: You’ve just finished baking your specialty triple-cheese lasagna in the oven. You open the door and pull out the rack where the steaming hot dish awaits. You slip on your favorite pair of oven mitts for a quick lift and transfer of the dish to the countertop. Suddenly, you drop the whole dish with a small scream of pain. You just got burned!

It may be fiction, but this type of kitchen burn doesn’t stray far from real-life incidents. A good pair of oven mitts could have made the difference for our heroine. She could have enjoyed a satisfying dinner with her family instead of going to the nearest clinic and spending the evening in agony.

So, why do oven mitts promote this mindset towards “safety first” in the kitchen? What underlying reasons or motives drive people to invest in a small collection of cooking gloves? Do you really need to use these mitts every time you cook?

These questions are just a few that immediately pop up when looking for reasons why the average person sees a pair of silicone rubber gloves as guaranteed protection from the inevitable burns and blisters every cooking aficionado has encountered at least once in his or her life. This line of inquiry also takes a deeper look into the underlying psychological and emotional factors as explained by certain theories and principles that Freud and Jung developed.

Reasons Why Oven Mitts Promote Kitchen Safety

Reason #1: You’re probably feeling a bit anxious over getting burned or scalded. Time to bake the stress away!

Feelings of anxiety, fear, worry and their ilk are normal and people experience them every day. Some people, however, are driven to reduce the internal tension they experience while cooking, by wearing oversized gloves. Other people tend to unconsciously anticipate getting burned because they see themselves as klutzes or they’re getting anxious over a possible scenario they’ve been pondering in their minds. And so, when a person has gotten burned and scalded in the kitchen too many times, he or she generally responds to this perceived impending threat by wearing a set of oven mitts that provide full coverage over the hands and forearms.

It’s an overly simplified explanation of Freud’s theory of unconscious conflict, which is commonly understood as a Freudian slip. Revealing one’s true thoughts isn’t just a consequence of this inner conflict that most people are not even aware of. People’s behavior often means something that’s entirely different from what they’ve been saying.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that buying two or more pairs of oven mitts is bad or a symptom of an underlying anxiety disorder. Everyone experiences one form of anxiety or another, and at varying degrees. If having different pairs of oven mitts and wearing them in your kitchen gives you peace of mind, then that’s a perfectly good reason to buy those colorful oven mitts that you’ve been eyeing at the store.

Reasons Why Oven Mitts Promote Kitchen Safety

Reason #2: You’re strongly motivated to get two or more pairs of oven mitts because you derive pleasure from wearing, buying and collecting them.

The things that humans do for love extend to their attachments to objects, such as oven mitts of varying colors, designs, types and brands. Some people hold on to these items as a source of comfort, and also an assurance that they’ll always be protected and loved. It’s a mildly compelling reason to keep those old oven mitts in storage, even when you’ve already bought new ones.

In some cases, people derive great pleasure from owning the most beautiful or newest items at the store. Impulsive shopping is a bad habit formed from repeating bad behaviors. The repeated instances of positive arousal are external sources of motivation or drive. Freud sees arousal, which he called ‘libido’ or drive, as the primordial stimulus that motivates people to perform certain tasks with much gusto or passion. On one hand, the arousal or drive theory also identifies internal sources of motivation that push collectors to continue acquiring objects until they finally completed a set of closely related items.

All these behavioral tendencies can influence a person’s desire to wear oven mitts as a safety precaution against kitchen burns. They promote safety in the kitchen because the individual wants to stop feeling inadequately protected, and to start enjoying the freedom of wearing a different oven mitt every time he or she cooks. In essence, a pair of oven mitts becomes a source of comfort for these types of people.

Reasons Why Oven Mitts Promote Kitchen Safety

Reason #3: People love to personalize their possessions. Many people have expressed an abiding affection for their oven mitts.

There are people who are passionate towards their oven mitts. They love making their own fabulous cooking gloves or pimp up a boring pair from the store with so much enthusiasm. They always came up with amazingly creative ideas in decorating their oven mitts from Life Quintessentials. The designs range from classical and modern minimalism to bohemian, eclectic, oriental and more. With too many mitts in their midst, these people gladly give away their unused oven mitts as gifts to friends and family. Gift giving becomes a way for these mitt lovers to spread the message that oven mitts prevent fires and keep families safe.

Reasons Why Oven Mitts Promote Kitchen Safety

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