What Kind of Materials Make the Heat Resistant Oven Gloves with Fingers?

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Oven Gloves With FingersSilicone Gloves are possibly the best heat resistant gloves on the market providing phenomenal heat and flame protection up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. This best-selling feature is largely attributed to the kind of materials that make up these cooking gloves. These gloves are ideal for all BBQ, grilling, baking, kitchen and food preparation done in high temperatures.

Silicone Gloves are made of DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fiber that provide excellent thermal protection in extreme environments, be it an oven or barbecue grill. The outer material of these oven gloves with fingers is 100% woven fabric made of Kevlar fiber that is heat resistant and approved by international standards. It is this heat resistant capability that will promise cooking and grilling enthusiasts no more burn or scorch or scar with the Silicone Gloves. These fibers have been tried, tested and proven as they are generally used in many high temperature environments such as aerospace and military applications, which is testimony of its phenomenal heat resistant capabilities.

The interior of the oven gloves with fingers by Kitchen Ezentials is super soft and made from cotton! Imagine the comfort experienced by food enthusiast while preparing their favorite food!

With the silicone grip found on both sides of the gloves, it enhances grip and control over lifting very hot and heavy pots, pans and even barbecue grills. It also minimizes the occurrences of spills or mishaps which may lead to accidental burns.

Why choose the other brands that will not guarantee utmost safety for you?

Order here and enjoy your pair of cooking gloves that will enhance your cooking, baking and grilling experience while ensuring a ‘burn-free’ moment every step of the way.

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