What to Look For When Buying a Vegetable Slicer

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Vegetable SlicerA good vegetable slicer can be a great tool for the kitchen, as it enables you to easily prepare vegetables for any meal or snack. You can chop and slice through your favorite veggies quickly and easily so you’re more likely to include fresh veggies in your diet, which are a necessity for those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other painful conditions that make working in the kitchen a challenge.

When you’re in the market for any type of kitchen tool, even one that’s small and inexpensive, you want to be sure you invest in one that will work well for you and that will last for years. Consider these simple tips on what to look for when you’re ready to buy a vegetable slicer for your home.

1. Easy to Clean.

Some slicers and food processors are so difficult to disassemble and clean that it’s unlikely you’ll ever use them more than necessary, simply because of the hassle involved. If a slicer doesn’t come apart easily and if it’s not dishwasher safe, you may find yourself doing the same thing. Ignoring it and keeping it in the cupboards or drawer just so you don’t need to worry about cleaning it once you’re done using it.

When choosing Loopy Apple’s vegetable slicer for your kitchen, you know that it is easy to clean and  it’s dishwasher safe.

2. Easy Storage

Some slicers have such large and bulky handles that they won’t fit in a kitchen drawer and must be stored in a cupboard, where they take up too much space. You may wind up simply leaving it on the counter but this too can make your kitchen look cluttered and messy. Instead, be sure you choose a model that is small and compact or that comes apart easily so you can quickly store it in a drawer so it’s out of sight.

3. What Is It Made From?

Plastic is good for the casing of any type of tool in the kitchen but blades should always be made of stainless steel. This will make them sharper and tougher and less likely to chip over time. Your slicer will work easier if the blades are sharper so you won’t need to exert as much physical pressure. Always note the materials from which any kitchen slicer is made before purchasing so you know you’re getting something durable and effective.

Remember these three simple points when you want to choose a vegetable slicer for your kitchen. This will ensure you choose something that you’ll want to use and that will be easy for you to use. In turn, you’ll be more likely to add healthy vegetables to every meal.

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