Why Zesting Citrus Fruit is Important Using Lemon Zester

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lemon zesterWe know that a fair share of citrus fruits in the diet is a good thing due to the loads of immune boosting Vitamin C we get from the juice. But lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit can make another important contribution to our diet that is often ignored.

Zesting is the process of removing the rind of citrus fruits and adding it to food or drink. The zest of each citrus fruit has its own unique flavor, which executive chef Amanda Freitag of Empire Diner has discovered can be enhanced by applying heat.

Freitag’s method begins by cutting a lime or lemon in half and heating the skillet on medium high until it’s very, very hot. She brushes a little olive oil on the cut sides of the citrus and then lay the halves down on the skillet. The fruit is cooked for about five minutes until it is well charred.

Cooking citrus over high heat does several things, Freitag notes. First, it caramelizes the flavors and tones down the acidity that citrus fruits are known for. It also heightens the sweetness and rounds out any bitterness in the fruit. In addition to the zest, the juice adds its own tangy flavor to sauces, vinaigrettes.

You can enjoy the wonderful flavor of lemon zest, without charring, by using lemon zester. Zesting fruits is a wonderful way to release the flavor that is inside the peel, which is often discarded without a second thought.

However, a good chef knows that using the peel adds a certain zing to many dishes. Bartenders also use it to enhance the flavors of some drinks. Included in some cake recipes, lemon or orange zest also adds a unique and pleasant taste, as the flavor is heightened when heat is applied during the baking process.

That is why; the lemon zester from TulasiLeaf is something that every kitchen must have. If you are fond of eating healthy foods, and if you are into the healthy way of living, you will surely not regret buying the product, and having it placed on your kitchen rack. The item’s premium quality stainless steel and razor sharp blades will make you do effortless grating and zesting. Unlike other zester, the product is a sure fit for your kitchen, because its powerful nonslip rubber ensures that you will not be in danger while using it on your counter tops.

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